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Next Doll Find

I found this desk at Goodwill the same time as the dresser. It was originally painted a dark wood color but I repainted it white to match my other furniture.
The doll's fit perfectly in it. I made a Expo marker and some pencils to go with it (fake of course) out of toothpicks. Normally I am not into doll school but this was adorable and I had to get it! I think it was about 5 or 6 dollars from Goodwill. Just check around your local thrift stores (Tuesday Morning also) for great doll deals!


Thrifty Finds

If you go to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other thrift stores, keep your eyes open for doll finds.
  I found this at my local Goodwill for $4. This is Samantha's retired "Commode Dresser".
As you can see, the drawer pulls are missing but it still looks fine!
This is how I use the dresser. I store their "china" is the cabinet. I was SUPER excited to find this and will share my other find in a couple days! Doll Diaries is having some giveaways for furniture and doll stuff. Check them out!:0


First Nomination

I got tagged by DollyGirl. Thanks for the nomination!

11 things about me

1. This is my first and only blog.
2. I am in my second year of Spanish!
3. My BFF lives in Texas.
4. I have 6 dolls.
5. I can sew, knit, and quilt.
6. I have blue eyes.
7. I got my first doll in 2006.
8. I am 12.
9. My full name is Shauna MarieRoes Somerville.
10. I LOVE pinterest!
11. I like crafting!

DollyGirl's Questions

1. Favorite doll brand? AG
2. Favorite book? I read too much to decide!
3. Favorite animal? Farm animals
4. Do you have an AG? 6
5. If so which ones? Ashley (MAG with blonde hair, blue eyes), Samantha, Nicki, Julie, Rebecca, and Mia.
6. How old are you? 12
7. What are you being for Halloween? I don't celebrate Halloween.
8. What are your dolls being for Halloween? Refer to question 7.
9. Do you have any siblings? One brother.
10. Favorite color? Green.

My questions
1. Favorite color?
2. Favorite animal?
3. Favorite doll ( MAG, Historical, or GOTY)?
4. Favorite specific doll?
5. Do you have any dolls?
6. What is your eye color?
7. Favorite drink?
8. Favorite food?
9. Favorite blog?
10. Favorite book?
11. Is this your first nomination?

I nominate

The Spicys
Pieces for Reese (They have AWESOME crafts)
SB Sugar Helper
Rosalyn's Blog
That's everybody I can think of!


Doll Storage: My way

I know everybody has different organizing or storage ways. This post is just to give a couple of ideas for y'all.:)
This is where I store most of my doll dresses. On the bottom of the shelfing in my closet there is just enough room for the dresses. If you are putting store bought curtains in your house use the bags with the little hook on top to put the doll dresses in. They work very well! Also when I buy doll clothes from AG or Springfield Collection they come with the hangar. Use those as well and then you won't have to buy any or as many. My Froggy Stuff channel on youtube has a video on how to make hangars for doll clothes.

I have the shoe rack on the back of my closet door and in the last month or two have decided to put doll clothes in them. It works so well! No more sorting through boxes and boxes of doll clothes to have a quick picture shoot!
I made this shoe storage box/chair out of two American Girl clothes boxes. One was bigger, one was smaller. I am running out of space for shoes now! I will do a tutorial for this sometime. Hope you liked this post!



Doll Diaries is having a whole bunch of AWESOME giveaways! Got check out the site by clicking here.

Doll Find

My mom and I were shopping in Tuesday Morning and I came across some Our Generation and Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Collection Stuff.  My mom saved the OG stuff for Christmas but  I got the MAFF stuff now.
It includes the boots, jeans, sweater, vest, and hat. Pretty good deal for only ten bucks.
Nicki is modeling for me today. She says, "The jeans, sweater, and hat are cool but I don't know where they got the shoes and vest."
                                                                Ze hat.
                                                                 The vest.
                                                The shoes. I think I will replace the white laces with black.The white just looks a little odd. The shoes are a weird kind of rubbery plasticy stuff. Just kind of weird.

The jeans are glittery with red stitching so if you like everything matching these won't go with a whole lot.
This is my take with the outfit. As you can see the sweater is a little short but like some fall sweaters 3/4 is the style. I also paired it with purple boots from AG, Julie's meet belt, and the pink and black store exclusive sunglasses.

Purple boots from AG.
                                                     Julie's belt and up-close view of the jeans.
I hope that you guys enjoyed this review and again it is from the Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Collection. It was ten dollars for the set at Tuesday Morning.